Management reporting


Enterprise management quality in many aspects depends on efficiency of management decision made by top-, middle- and first-level managers. To make such decisions managers have to get reliable and actual information on a regular basis. ‘Reliable’ means that information distortion レブロン is inadmissible or has to be minimal. Information has to be actual because stale information has a little value. It has to be provided on a regular basis because a manager needs to get actual information on a daily basis, not once a week, once a month or even once per quarter.

Management reporting data is most useful and informative when they are provided on a regular basis, along with established acquisition and classification rules, compared to planned KPIs and ideally compared to industry average KPIs or competitors KPIs.

For large enterprises, production associations and holdings issues of management information reliability, actuality and regularity are extremely important. Such kind of enterprises have a number of geographically distant affiliated independently managed companies.

Management reporting systems implemented by ASAP-Solution in such conditions are the good opportunity to collect, process data and view them in a way suitable for management decision making. Besides, modern management information systems allow to do complex computations which is impossible to do using traditional models.

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