New Generation Network Operation Center in a Box

Benefits nuPS v2.0

  • Many network management applications do not have distributed monitoring model, thereby complicating support and management and requiring twice as much money
  • Poor user interface and applications designed by developers with zero skills in understanding networks and products
  • Customization is not available to clients to make up own rules and policies within the application
  • Poor support for Layer 3 monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Poor Visualization of Layer 2 and Layer 3 network topologies
  • Last but not least, COST!

Competitive Advantage: nuPerspectve Network Management & Monitoring Application

  • NUPSCC v2.0 is designed to provide advanced monitoring of networks and networking technologies across the globe plus support on site.
  • Through its advanced, efficient user interface, this software helps ensure the health of networks and business applications, thereby stabilizing business activities for its clients.
  • One of the goals of network management is to allow customers to measure current network activity and plan for future changes and expansion. The network management application allows for such monitoring activity to occur in a centralized, remote location while servicing customers worldwide.

What NUPSCC Provides

  • NUPSCC v2.0 provides a model for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as large Service Providers to have one solid application to support multiple technology requirements.
  • Current release of Business Control Managment Center supports distributed server monitoring model that allows customer to scale to manage large quantity of devices in multiple locations.

NPSCC v2.0 Flexibility

  • NPSCC v2.0 has the ability to be customized, enabling modifications and support for multi-vendor devices and servers, such as VMWARE.
  • Ability to connect to and monitor IP-enabled security cameras and security devices.
  • NPSCC has custom modules enabling performance across multiple industries, i.e., healthcare, service providers, manufacturers, government agencies, etc.
  • Integration with external customer databases from Oracle to SQL and mySQL.

Competitive Advantage: NUPSCC v2.0 can support the following industries and business sectors

  • Enterprise Customers
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automobile
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Cable Providers
  • Transportation
  • Security Agencies
  • Government Agencies
  • Service Providers
  • Internet Providers
  • Telecommunication Providers
  • Television Industry
  • Finance Sector
  • Managed Services
  • Network Operation Centers

NPSCC v2.0 Management System

Value Proposition/Goals

  • 6 key applications to simplify configuration, administration, monitoring and troubleshooting and Help Desk
  • Supports several hundred legacy and new devices


  • Analyzes and reports fault conditions
  • Detects potential network disruptions

Device Management

  • Intelligent, automatic discovery of Cisco devices to create topology views of the network
  • Graphical device management

Features in NUPSCC v2.0

Configuration Management

  • Push set of configs to multiple devices simultaneously
  • Archival of configuration
  • Tracks config changes

Inventory Management

  • Maintains inventory of Hardware/Software details of managed devices
  • Extensive reporting capability

Software Management

  • Image recommendation and upload to devices

Change Audit

  • Database of changes in the network
  • Automated actions like email, traps can be sent or scripts can be triggered
  • Database of changes in the network
  • Automated actions like email, sms, messenger traps can be sent or scripts can be triggered

Tracking Users, End hosts and IP

  • Dynamic tracking of end hosts
    • Switchport Usage, Switch port Utilization reports
    • Mac Notification

Monitor Health and Utilization devices

  • Historical trending of CPU utilization, interface utilization, interface availability, device availability, memory utilization
  • Threshold based alerts
  • Custom MIBs Polling

What makes NUPSCC v2.0 more powerful

NUPSCC v2.0 features that competitors are missing

  1. Auto Detection high CPU Devices before Discovery
  2. Multi Function Password Discovery Support
  3. Multi Discovery Topology / Distributed Across Server
  4. IPSec Discovery Tunnels, GRE, DMVPN
  5. Inventory 3D Devices, Audit Hardware, Software and PSIRT
  6. Grouping Functions Monitoring 2d/3d
  7. Tracking Help Desk Integration with Configurations Changes
  8. Change Control Management Center (Approvals Process Configurations Changes)
  9. Regional Inventory Audit & Device Location to Google Earth Integration
  10. Auto Paging System, 4 Messenger, SMS, e-mail, Voice Gateway Calls
  11. NVRAM Configuration Storage integration with Physical Topology and Location
  12. HA Availability Failures and errors on the network that might be missing HA Path
  13. 3D Path Routing Visualization / Troubleshooting
  14. 3D Latency Calculation
  15. 8 Modes Discovery CDP, Telnet, SSH, ARP, CAM, Ping, Routing, DNS
  16. Help Desk Integrated
  17. Routing Layer 3 Support Monitor
  18. Integration Designed Network with (Discovery)
  19. GPS Integration with Devices & Inventory
  20. Distributed Model monitoring
  21. Auto Upgrade IOS Devices
  22. 3D Database File Storage
  23. Multi Topology Monitoring (pic-in-pic)
  24. Monitoring BGP, HSRP/GLBP,
  25. 3D/2D Visualizations
  26. All Cisco Routers and Switches are supported

What NPSCC v2.0 Has to offer

Monitoring: allow customer to manage health activity of network and avoid major failures.

Modeling: To Model future network design to avoid errors and possible implementation issues.

Network Design: Create accurate network drawings and provide complete end-to-end designs.

Provisioning: to allow Service Providers to use new advanced interface to provision networks for Enterprise customers quickly and simply with the key focus on reducing complexity.

Troubleshooting: Find mistakes and possible human errors and allow the application to provide Level 1 – Level 3 Troubleshooting Support.

Fault Tolerance: To detect possible failure before they occur. This module is very complex and advanced to allow clients to keep stability in their network and detect issues before they happen.

Scalability: This module monitors possible scalability issues and identifies overextension of hardware’s physical resources.

Network Visualization: This module will give clients the ability to visualize network in 2d and 3d and to see the network in a different perspective than a typical application does today.

Optimization: This module will discover best location for optimization on the network. This module will capture all TCP port applications that are capable of being optimized and will provide a report.

Inventory: This module is important for customers that need to do a refresh, or inventory of hardware from any host down to the Network Layer and Server Layer. This module will present auto-report of network discovery and refresh requirements for EOL/EOS, including finding consumption of power use and power requirements for the network. Regional Inventory allow client to run Audit and Inventory Regionally based on location