SAP solutions for banks

The comprehensive SAP for Banking product portfolio helps to optimise overall banking business processes by providing niche solutions for specific processes of the individual departments. The comprehensive SAP for Banking solution portfolio, together with our leading business support and analytical applications, helps optimise banking business processes, making it possible for organisations to transform your business in areas such as:

  • Operational excellence – Transactional banking processes for deposits and loans help streamline and simplify your core banking operations across product and service lines.
  • Financial excellence – Integrated financial and risk management processes support the management of risk across the enterprise.
  • Superior customer service – Customer relationship management processes and a customer-centric business strategy enable you to leverage accurate and consistent information throughout all customer interactions, so you can deliver optimised pricing, real-time offer management, and customer analytics.

SAP solution functional advantages:

  • SAP delivers the most comprehensive portfolio of modular solutions which are capable to satisfy the needs of both specialized and universal banks. SAP solution was built upon the experience of leading international retail banks. Therefore it can provide valuable help to banks which only recently tap into retail banking and are in great need to learn many know-hows of this business.
  • SAP for Banking solutions development outpace the current requirements of the banks and new products with new features launched to the market exactly when they are really needed by customers. SAP NetWeaver is an example of such unique innovative solution which has no rivals among other banking software products available in the market.
  • With this solution, financial institutions can target their strategic goals and modify these targets with feedback information from core transactional systems.
  • The SAP solution helps to improve decision-making process in modern bank controlling concept framework and fully implements profit risk management methodology.
  • The SAP solution ensures effective business process flow supervision by bank management giving an opportunity to business processes streamlining and changing to support organizational transformations inevitable for an intensively developing bank (including M&A deals).
  • This solution releases employees from typical routine operations with data processing automation functions, for instance, Post Processing Framework automates locked transactions reconciling.
  • Components provide significant flexibility for user settings. SAP software also helps banks create innovative customer offers with little or no programming effort. It is especially important for retail banking segment, when a competitive advantage given by innovation quickly disappears.
  • This solution covers all customer service processes from product and services development to after sale services. Information on customers front-office workers are provided with, is coming from CRM module as well as from all other SAP for Banking solution modules.

SAP solution architecture and technology advantages:

  • SAP for Banking solution is arranged into distinct functional modules covering specific functions. But modules functionality covers quite large areas which for example eliminates the need in separate solution for credit cards management in addition to accounts management module. As a result, the card accounts are processed along with accounts of other types (current accounts, savings accounts, deposit accounts). In addition to that there are modules in SAP solution which provide general functionality like risk and profitability analysis. SAP Asset Finance and Leasing enable you to provide expanded financing solutions, helping you more effectively cross-sell, up-sell, reduce internal cycle time to process orders, and leverage growth opportunities in diverse markets.
  • The modules in IT systems architecture do not serve for workplaces automation and aimed at maximizing performance of bank employees and bank in a whole. One of the examples is a customers service management.
  • The solution facilitates bank transition from traditional product-oriented applications to the new environment. In this environment transactions are linked to customer relationship events so operational and management information is provided independently but consistently like uninterrupted bank products processing. Banking products processing correctly implemented with SAP solutions – this is the way to new products.
  • Explicit separation of analytical and transactional tools decreases transactional systems load in the area of management accounting processing. In particular, such separation allows to lower hardware system requirements.
  • Mass operations support (payments processing, adding new clients, accounts creation, etc.) and quite important for retail banks with high-powered branch networks non-stop 24×7 service support are provided.
  • Solution architecture could be modified to provide support for business of a bank of any size and type. For example, for large and middle-sized retail banks there are various propositions of account management solutions.
  • Solution is based on open application architecture (Service-Oriented Architecture) supporting SAP solution integration with legacy and third-party solutions.
  • SAP solutions are platform-independent (hardware platform and databases) and support almost unlimited scalability. It eliminates system limitations related to branch network size and amount of operations which is especially important for banks planning active expansion of their retail operations.