Many wholesale distributors have succeeded with SAP solutions. They provide tools which help enterprises easily cut costs, increase performance and boost the growth. You will be able to integrate various data sources for better demand forecast, also you will find out who are your most profitable customers to propose them additional services.

The SAP Best Practices for wholesale distribution provide business procedures, documentation and preconfigurated business scenarios based on more than 30 years of experience of companies similar to yours.

SAP’s solution portfolio for wholesale distribution supports the full range of organizational processes:

  • Strategic planning – perform long-term supply chain design, marketing planning, and sales and service planning.
  • Supply chain planning – a solution provides medium-term supply chain planning. Conduct advanced demand and supply planning to maintain or improve service levels, reduce your capital investment in stock across the supply chain, and identify short- and medium-term trends. SAP solutions enable you to use demand and supply forecasts to streamline transportation efforts, optimize transportation capacities.
  • Procure to pay – manage strategic and operational relationships with your suppliers to reduce the cost of goods sold, streamline operations, and decrease overhead costs.
  • Supply chain execution – improve inbound and outbound processes and warehouse management to accurately measure the performance of core warehouse operations and avoid stocking goods unnecessarily. Enterprises avoid unnecessary stocking of goods and more accurately measure the performance of core warehouse operations.
  • Order to cash – support a range of sales channels and services that provide income, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce customer migration.
  • Value-added services – counteract margin pressure with fee-based value-added services, including general, logistics, and financial services.

The SAP for Wholesale Distribution solution set can help you achieve operational excellence across your organization. Business benefits include:

  • Optimized logistics processes – with SAP for Wholesale Distribution, you can bundle orders and ensure an optimized, cost-effective delivery. Inventory optimization software facilitates the best possible use of storage capacity and significantly improves efficiency.
  • Improved profitability – the SAP for Wholesale Distribution solutions facilitate value-added marketing and sales services for wholesale distribution, such as professional Internet sales, call center management, customer information management, and repackaging according to customer specification. The solutions also support innovative services such as direct sales from trucks, direct store delivery, and supplier-managed inventory.
  • Enhanced cost recovery – SAP for Wholesale Distribution supports a chargeback process for reimbursements based on special agreements. This functionality based on software that handles data capture, subsequent invoicing, and control of chargeback agreements. In addition, software for tracking and managing bonuses facilitates optimal use of financial agreements with suppliers. In addition, software for tracking and managing bonuses facilitates optimal use of financial agreements with suppliers.
  • Reduced financial and transactional costs – SAP for Wholesale Distribution enables you to offer your partners various financial services, such as centralized regulation, centralized invoicing, and factoring. Software for extended bonus settlement and Web-based complaint administration can significantly reduce your financial and transactional costs.
  • Better decisions through deeper insight – with software for allocating costs based on information in the vendor billing document, you can allocate costs to improve cost transparency and more accurately evaluate profitability. And software for real-time profitability analyses of diverse business processes helps ensure sound business decisions.

All SAP solutions are up to the highest quality standards and keep your company at highly competitive edge.