Vertically integrated holdings management

Better management quality and effectiveness are main goals of the ERP implementation in large holdings. Higher quality of management is a way to better competitiveness and larger profits, investments attraction and as a result maximum acceleration of business growth rate.

Logistics and finances integrated planning

Along with international best practices, the most effective execution planning and monitoring system can be built by means of collaboration across departments having own responsibilities for execution of their plans and taking part in planning within the frames of common information environment of the company. With SAP solutions, organizations can integrate commercial, manufacturing, and financial processes to support business performance, sales and production and procurement plans improvements of all departments of geographically distributed and, ultimately, sustained profitability and growth.

Modern approach to integrate SAP solutions with MES for Metallurgy.

Metallurgical companies along with ERP systems usually implement various Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Effective manufacturing processes management could be achieved with application integration on the general information exchange standards base.

Integration methodology and technology, recommendations on processes and analysis of future solutions development are stated by concise SAP guide to corporate management applications and MES solutions.

Basic SAP functions for Mill Products solution

SAP for Mill Products includes a set of standard SAP ERP business processes and a set of modules supporting business processes related to the mill products industry such as logistical support, manufacturing and sales.

Capital assets, maintenance and repair services management

According to multiple researches, in such capital-intensive industries as mills industry and metallurgy maintenance, repair services costs vary from 20% to 40% in general operation cost structure. Implementation of modern methodologies and technologies of capital assets management enables sufficiently cut maintenance and repair services costs.

Financials along with international standards.

Russian government chose IFRS as an instrument of accounting system reformation. SAP proposes several options to implement accounting along with international standards taking into consideration enterprise size and accounting police adopted.

Investment management solution

Metallurgy, mining and other capital intensive industries are characterized by large investments in production facilities modernization and building. SAP Investment Management solutions support full lifecycle management of construction and renovation projects from planning and investment allocation to commissioning. They provide centralisation of reliable information on projects progress, detailed financial planning and scheduling; follow-up, volumes and spendings control; complete analytic data and risk minimization.

Logistics management

Changes in business induced by new technologies give an opportunity to organize collaboration in production string differently. In the past Supply Chain Management solutions were perceived as tools for management of internal processes of vertically integrated holdings and large companies. Now such solutions are essential for enterprises of any size. Moreover, such solution has to provide more than just visibility across the entire supply chain network but they have to include planning of entire supplying chain, bottlenecks and issues analysis, external partners work coordination.