Industrial Machinery

With the SAP for Industrial Machinery & Components (SAP for IM&C) set of solutions, you can coordinate the entire scope of your activities.

The solution supports following business processes:

  • Product Life cycle Management – Getting complete product life cycle management capabilities, including engineering, manufacturing, technical support and maintenance, and full utilization in some cases.
  • Logistics Management – optimizes sales and supply planning, direct procurement, order processing and manages suppliers efficiency.
  • Production Planning – product configuration management; product configuration customization on demand; create production flow charts; actual expenses and production schedules monitoring.
  • Production Management – raw materials procurement; monitoring of production plans, equipment utilization, sequence and batch planning; ensure on-time delivery of manufactured products; respond quickly to changing clients demands.
  • CRM – planning, creating, support and expansion of client relationships; getting important information via all possible client communications.
  • Client Support – unveiling client demands on spare parts and ensuring on time delivery of spare parts.
  • BI – gathering and using actual information: production plans assessment to consolidated financial statement.
  • Collaboration – providing employees, partners and clients with information they need and access to applications and services.
  • Finances – capital investment monitoring, projects and contracts monitoring, accounting of current expenses.
  • Electronic Procurement – materials and services procurement optimization, procurement cycle management and operative and strategic direct and indirect procurement management, tenders.

SAP for Industrial Machinery & Components solution helps streamline processes and make your company highly competitive. SAP IM&C solution business advantages include:

  • Minimizing time-to-market for new products. The SAP solution provides extended communication and collaboration capabilities during new products development. This solution minimizes time-to-market for new products providing comprehensive development and logistics integration.
  • Gaining sales. SAP solution extensive functionality (from CRM to electronic sales) helps make precise sales forecasts, unveil new business opportunities, provide tools for sales and marketing campaigns optimization.
  • Reducing costs. Analytic tools help to increase efficiency by identifying new product development and promotion processes cost structure.
  • Lowering risks. SAP solutions help to respond quickly to changes with integrated demand forecasting, sales and operations planning, actual market information.
  • Optimizing structure and circulating assets. The SAP solution helps cut costs and lower need in additional investments by cutting raw material, components and spare components stocks.
  • Ensuring optimal logistics network efficiency. Advanced SAP logistics network and orders management technologies provide timely information on demand helping to respond to changes with demand forecasting, sales and operations planning, and supply network collaboration.
  • Increasing revenues from services. SAP solutions support for better understanding of client needs, as well as improve service efficiency by prioritizing workloads and optimizing asset utilization.
  • Better coverage. Provides efficient global supply, partners and clients relationships management with logistics network management, internet sales support tools and corporate portals.

All SAP solutions are up to the highest quality standards and keep your company at highly competitive edge.