SAP for Public Sector creates fast, flexible, and responsive e-government by electronically connecting public administrations with citizens, businesses, suppliers, and other organizations via the Internet. Enhancing communications. Streamlining services. And cutting costs.

Business benefits include:

  • New life for management processes – SAP for Public Sector seamlessly integrates the process flows of public administrations to create fast, productive, and tightly organized management processes.
  • Power and sophistication – SAP for Public Sector delivers high-quality business systems to empower service-oriented administration and effective cost management.
  • Information availability – SAP for Public Sector makes available the information you need to make key decisions, providing precise planning and controlling of resources, costs, and products.
  • Tomorrow’s capabilities today – SAP for Public Sector integrates advanced technologies into the system. With solutions as Customer Relationship Management, SAP Workplace, SAP E-Procurement, SAP Marketplace, SAP Supply Chain Management, SAP Business Intelligence, SAP Product Lifecycle Management, SAP Human Resources, SAP Financials, и SAP Mobile Business, SAP delivers the technology you need to create forward-thinking and user-friendly services today.