Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are products for enterprise information management. OpenText Company is a leader in document management, archiving and data management integration with SAP applications. OpenText ECM Suite for SAP Solutions provides solutions that enable you to create manage and archive all SAP content in order to reduce risk, improve operational efficiency and IT consolidation:

* OpenText Data Archiving for SAP ® Solutions provides a secure, long-term archiving of data from SAP applications in order to reduce storage costs and improve productivity, while providing easy access to archived data.

Benefits of the solutions:

-Reduction of time for data retrieval and orders processing on-line

-Increasing database performance

-Reduction in the cost of SAP system

-Easy to access data directly from the SAP user interface

-A view of archived data together with on-line data

-Archived data independent of hardware or software version upgrade

* OpenText Extended ECM for SAP ® Solutions is based on the possibilities of the OpenText Document Access with the full application of ECM which is closely integrated with the SAP environment. The decision extends the capabilities of SAP ERP for managing transactions, giving it a full-function enterprise content management (ECM), including document and records and the possibility of cooperation. This makes it possible to reduce risk and costs associated with poor records management, increasing employee productivity.

OpenText Extended ECM controls all types of content throughout its life cycle. It combines the functionality of a secure automated search, save and organize documents through archiving, records management and imaging software. In addition, it provides a collective co-operation and routing flows of teamwork.

* OpenText Document Access for SAP ® Solutions adds up to the functionality of OpenText Archiving by capabilities for consolidated view of content related to multiple SAP and non-SAP applications, while integrating content into the context of defined business processes.

The following applications of OpenText ECM Suite for SAP Solutions are specifically designed to solve specific business tasks:

-OpenText Employee File Management for SAP ® Solutions provides HR departments a complete solution based on ECM: all printed documents of employees and applicants, master data and internal personal documents are available at any time from a single electronic archive.

Main features of the solution:

-Eliminates the risk of personal information disclosure

-Provides instant, remote access to personal data

-Improves the business processes of HR service to achieve best performance

-Implement deep integration with SAP ERP HCM

-OpenText Accounts Payable for SAP ® Solutions automates invoice processing to achieve the minimum time, maximum efficiency and optimal allocation of resources.

-OpenText Customer Information Management for SAP ® Solutions complements SAP ® CRM to improve customer relations and optimize customer service and sales process. It is done by providing easy access to consolidated customer information from SAP and non-SAP applications directly in the SAP CRM, SAP Interaction Center and SAP NetWeaver ® Portal.

-OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP ® Solutions enables you to find, manage and distribute your digital data, to create a transparent chain of exchange of business content, and to retain control over digital assets – all in the context of business processes in SAP Business Suite applications.

-OpenText Supplier Information Management for SAP ® Solutions provides full information about suppliers and procurement which is managed from SAP ERP and SAP SRM systems. It binds the information in SAP systems with documents, and allows for an easy approval process.

-OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP ® Solutions is an application of SAP ERP, written in programming language Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP). It has been working with SAP ERP to streamline the accounts payable by optimizing and simplifying the process of creating, managing, monitoring and routing of orders and invoices for employees and suppliers.

-OpenText Web Solutions for SAP ® Solutions provides you with a rich set of features and capabilities to enable non-technical professionals to easily manage content on SAP NetWeaver Portal ® site.