SAP for Telecommunications solution integrates your entire business on a coherent platform, streamlines your existing operations, and introduces efficient, future-proof business functionality SAP for Telecommunications combines cutting-edge solutions for the telecom markets of today and tomorrow with SAP’s solid industry-specific and general business expertise, helping you to grow your markets, survive the struggle, and become a success story.

The benefits of implementing SAP for Telecommunications solution include:

  • Improvement of collaboration inside the company and among partners, so you can streamline processes and cut costs.
  • Help you become more market- and customer-oriented, which can translate into stronger partner relationships and real competitive advantages.
  • Expanding supply chain to integrate clients and equipment suppliers businesses within the scope of your enterprise
  • Building holistic business model to provide top management with strategic information to reduce time-to-market of the product, help to successfully fulfil new tasks and use new opportunities in business activities
  • Prepare ground for changes support

Enterprise management

  • Strategic management
  • Management accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Decision-making support and data warehouse
  • Strategic initiatives              

Economic-organizing support

  • Human capital management
  • Procurement and stock management
  • Financial supply chain management
  • Fixed assets accounting
  • End-to-end logistics
  • Corporate infrastructure

Products and services development and marketing

  • Marketing management
  • Network design and build


  • Customer order management
  • Order processing
  • Network management
  • Network element activation

Client relationships management

  • Client marketing
  • Sales negotiations
  • Incoming contacts management
  • Outgoing contacts management
  • Customer information management

Customer service guarantee

  • Customer trouble management
  • Problem solving
  • Network problems management
  • Network performance management

Revenue management

  • Receivables management
  • Invoicing
  • Price calculation
  • Consumption management
  • Consumption registration