Customer Relationship Management

SAP CRM Customer Relationship Management solution offers features and capabilities for the following areas:

Marketing – Increase effectiveness of marketing activities through the functionality of marketing planning, campaigns management, management of potential transactions, marketing analytics, customer base segmentation, personalization and management of incentives in trade.

Sales – Existing marketing channels optimization due to the functionality for sales planning and forecasting, management, managing organizational structure and territories, key accounts and contacts, tasks, potential transactions, offers and orders, contracts, promotions and commissions for employees.

Services – Realizing the potential profit available to the service organization, thanks to the functionality of a multi-channel service, planning and optimization of resources, management of service operations, service planning and forecasting, customer service and support, as well as professional services.

Analytics – Evaluation of business processes using a variety of tools for the analysis of the customer base, marketing, sales, service and communication channels.

Mobile workers applications support – Extension of the solution “Customer Relationship Management” at the expense of features to support sales and service at the points of contacts with customers.

E-commerce – Use of the Internet as an effective sales channel with functionality for marketing, sales, service and analytics.

Operation and a Centre of Interaction Management – Increased productivity through interaction centre functionality to manage telemarketing, telesales and service, right in the centre of interaction and, furthermore, the use of interaction centre services for employees.

Channel Management – Optimization of indirect sales channels with functionality for managing partners, analysts, marketing, sales, service and e-commerce.

Communication Management in the company – a multi-channel communications IP-based telephony platform which includes applications for the organization of professional call-centre and office telephony.

Customer Relationship Management solution provides a comprehensive view and analysis, allowing to anticipate customer needs and provide a basis for long-term and profitable relationships with customers.

With Customer Relationship Management solution the company will be able to:

  • increase profits through effective customer acquisition, increasing the share of the response rates from direct marketing mailing lists, advanced cross-selling and sales of more expensive products, reduction of customer outflow;
  • reduce costs by automating interactions, improving employee productivity, working with clients, reducing the cost of direct marketing and advertising in the media, optimizing inventory and business processes;
  • gain competitive advantage through increased customer loyalty and retention, deeper and more holistic understanding of market needs and customers, as well as reducing time to market.

“Customer Relationship Management” solution allows to improve relations with customers, to cement the company’s leadership in the market and increase operational efficiency due to the fact that companies can:

  • supports the full cycle of customer interaction: from attraction to transactions execution, from order fulfilment to post sales customer service;
  • provides a representation of a single perspective client with ready-to-use analytic and integration capabilities with strategic business management;
  • provides advantages of the modern enterprise portal and tools of data exchange in the chain of added value creation.

“Customer Relationship Management” solution also includes unique integration capabilities which:

  • promote the use of a complete set of CRM-applications;
  • can seamlessly connect a variety of SAP industry solutions;
  • provide integration with other SAP solutions and third-party products, including systems for managing the logistics network, personnel management and product life cycle.