Increased productivity of the enterprise and deeper understanding of business processes offered by the SAP ERP solutions will let you quickly and inexpensively adapt to changing business requirements, market and industry. The following ERP solutions will help you in:

  • Financial Management (SAP ERP Financials)
  • Human Capital Management (SAP ERP Human Capital Management, SAP ERP HCM)
  • Operations Management (SAP ERP Operations)
  • Corporate Services Management (SAP ERP Corporate Services)

“Enterprise Resource Planning” solutions implementation provides the following advantages for business:

  • Optimization of a decision-making process
  • Productivity, efficiency and effectiveness increasing
  • Costs reduction by increasing flexibility
  • Ability to adapt to changing business
  • Risk reduction
  • Financial and corporate management improvement
  • IT field costs optimization
  • Quick and high return on investment
  • Greater motivation and productivity of employees

Financial management

A comprehensive, integrated solution for financial management SAP ERP Financials enables your finance department to act as a strategic business partner: it provides the possibility for an in-depth business analysis, necessary for organizations to improve financial performance.

  • Financial and management accounting is a complete integrated platform for preparing management and financial reporting for analysts, managers and accountants.
  • Financial management of supply chains – streamlining of processing cycles for customer orders, improved control of cash flows and reduction in working capital.
  • Treasury applications – strengthening control of cash and liquidity and financial risks to improve profitability and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Corporate Management – reducing administrative costs to ensure compliance.

Human Capital Management

Streamline processes with staff through integrated, human capital management solutions: SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) It will help you attract the right people, develop and use their abilities to coordinate their actions based on corporate goals and retain the best employees

  • Services to end users – providing a variety of ERP services and business content to users within an organization and beyond.
  • Analysis of Human Resources – receiving information about the workforce in real time for more effective human capital management and for costs tracking and personnel management projects payback indicators control.
  • Talent Management – helping employees at every stage of their seniority, beginning with recruitment and learning practice, training and retention.
  • Human Resources Process Management – rationalization and integration of key processes for working with personnel on a global platform.
  • Placement – the distribution of work among employees in accordance with their skills and availability, supervision of planning and execution of projects, supervision of working time and analysis of results for strategic decision making.

Manage operations

With SAP ERP Operations solutions you will be able to achieve high operating efficiency in key business areas such as procurement and logistics, product development and manufacturing, sales and customer service. With SAP ERP Operations solutions you will be able to more efficiently carry out daily operations and thereby reduce costs, increase revenue, improve profitability and improve customer service.

  • Procurement and Logistics – managing complex business processes of procurement and logistics throughout the business cycle, from self-application to billing and payment. SAP ERP Operations solution also allows you to optimize the physical flow of materials.
  • Design and manufacture of products – support of the entire life cycle of development and manufacturing of products. This includes production planning, organization of production with integrated production sites, product development and data management life cycle for a range of industries.
  • Sales and Customer Service – customer-oriented performance management, including sale of products and services, professional services and management of internal processes such as calculation of bonuses and commissions.

Corporate Services

With SAP ERP Corporate Services solutions for managing enterprise corporate services your company can more effectively manage real estate assets, portfolio of projects, business trips, requirements of environmental protection, health and safety, and quality control services and international trade.

  • Property Management – prevention of idle facilities and reduction of costs associated with the construction, leasing and property management.
  • Asset Management – organization of preventive and predictive maintenance, budgeting maintenance service cost, execution of works related to maintenance and work safety.
  • Project and Portfolio Management – projects portfolio management starting with a strategic portfolio management through to planning, implementation and accounting of projects.
  • Business Trips Management – reduction of costs, streamlining business trips administration processes, monitoring compliance with travel norms, and managing changes made to the compensation and pricing models by suppliers, global distributors and transport agencies.
  • Quality Control – implementation of a unified approach to total quality control, the efficiency of which is achieved by reducing the product returns and improving assets utilization.