Решение «Управление жизненным циклом продукта» предлагает всю необходимую функциональность для полномасштабного управления изделиями, продуктами и основными фондами. Основные компоненты данного решения и их функциональные возможности:

Products Data Management – provides environment for managing product technical parameters and characteristics of products, specifications, process maps, and recipes, information on resources, structures, projects and necessary technical documentation throughout the life cycle of products and goods.

Program and Project Management – provides modern tools for planning, management and control processes, product development, capital construction and other long-term programs and projects.

Cooperation throughout the life cycle – support collaborative design and product development, joint project management, as well as providing opportunities for the use of XML standards for Web-based interface and transmission of relevant information (financial and project schedules, documents, product structure, etc.) between virtual project teams.

Quality Management – provides an integrated quality management for enterprises of all industries throughout the life cycle of products and goods.

Assets Life cycle Management – manages technical facilities and equipment and includes all necessary functions that are part of a company’s asset management system.

Occupational safety, health and environmental protection is the solution for health, hygiene, safety and environmental protection process management in accordance with the requirements of state regulations.

“Product Life cycle Management” solution helps companies to rapidly develop and market new goods and products and gives businesses the following benefits:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Business Results Improvement
  • Quality of Products Improvement
  • Accelerated Development
  • Production Quality Improvement
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Decision-Making Process Optimization
  • TCO Reducing