SAP NetWeaver is the open integration and application platform that aligns people, information, and processes for more efficient management in all business areas. It enables you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure and supports change management processes. With SAP NetWeaver, you can flexibly and quickly design, compose and implement new strategies and business processes. It allows you to recompose existing systems to support innovative processes and retain reasonable cost structure.

SAP NetWeaver platform is a technological basement for all SAP solutions.

Business benefits include:

  • Flexible business strategies. With SAP NetWeaver, you have the flexibility, visibility, and control to effectively execute, monitor, and refine corporate strategies.
  • Innovative business processes. SAP NetWeaver helps to integrate all existing applications in the integral infrastructure to support innovative business processes.
  • Superior business value. SAP NetWeaver provides a business-focused infrastructure that supports continuous improvement of processes. It minimizes the risk and cost of introducing new processes, because existing systems remain unchanged.
  • Improved business performance. SAP NetWeaver helps you aggregate and analyse information across the organization, so you can make optimal management decisions.
  • Unmatched user experience. Solutions built with SAP NetWeaver provide an efficient user experience through a role-based portal interface. With SAP NetWeaver, you can extend business processes to all employees, suppliers, and customers.

SAP NetWeaver also delivers a broad range of IT benefits, including:

  • Sustainable cost structure. SAP NetWeaver reduces total cost of ownership across the IT landscape. It enables you to leverage your existing IT investments, including SAP and non-SAP systems. Flexibility reduces the cost of change, while integration knowledge reduces the need for consulting services.
  • Improved development. With SAP NetWeaver, you can compose new business processes on top of existing systems by using an enterprise service-oriented architecture based on Web services, Java, and other industry standards.
  • Reduced TCO across the entire IT landscape. SAP NetWeaver technology components are integrated in a single platform and come preconfigured with business content which reduces complexity and supports IT standardization and consolidation. From the other hand, the components integrate readily with SAP applications which reduces the need for custom integration.
  • Development of best practices. SAP NetWeaver supports communication, knowledge management, and collaboration across existing systems. You can take advantage of existing skills to improve current practices or develop new functionality.