SAP for Engineering, Construction & Operations (SAP for EC&O) is a comprehensive set of solutions that provides powerful software to manage core set of business processes within construction companies. Complex nature of construction business and typical business processes diversity impede project management implementation for construction. SAP solutions set is a complex integrated system for shared planning, accounting management and provides new tools for costs management for construction enterprises. With SAP for EC&O, you can estimate construction projects costs, optimize financial planning and forecasting, streamline the financial supply chain, and improve fiscal management and reporting.

For detailed information on SAP ERP solutions for construction companies, read brochure.

With SAP solutions, you can manage the entire life cycle of operating buildings and plants:

  • General (simplified) construction project planning
  • Detailed construction project planning
  • Building
  • – site materials management
  • – relationships with subcontractors management
  • – measure performance over time
  • Construction projects and company budgeting
  • Finances
  • Equipment and tools management (ETM)

Services provided during ERP solution for construction implementation project, include:

  • investment and construction company management and business process assessment, recommendations on management optimization provided, development and mapping of business processes

SAP solutions implementation, including:

  • FI – financial accounting, financial and managerial reports that comply with accounting standards, fixed asset management, financial and accounting reporting, accounts receivable/accounts payable etc.
  • CO – management accounting, investment management, revenue and cost planning etc.
  • ММ – materials and services supply, materials demand planning, long term contracts management, materials returns, logistics invoice verification, stock movements planning, materials write-offs, etc.
  • SD – construction phases completion, volumes, track timeframes, track customer and subcontractors payments, invoicing, materials and services reference management, mandatory reporting, construction project analytic reporting.
  • PS – project management system, manual and automatic template-based project structure creation, network planning, scheduling, resource planning, stock card generation, etc.
  • BСS – high-level planning, counterparts and historical data management using particular prices given by construction elements, preliminary project budget version generation.
  • FM – project budgeting, project cash flow budget development and project financing schedule forming, project cashflow management, budget execution and financing schedule monitoring, plan-to-fact analysis, analytic reporting.
  • TR – treasury, long-term cashflow budget formation, operative cash budget planning, cashflow forecast, billing and suppliers payment management.
  • BW – flexible budget analytic reporting, consolidated management statement.
  • SAP ERP implementation projects in construction companies accomplished in 7-8 month term for fixed price for fixed scope. Project scope includes full set of project documentation, user manuals, employee training and support throughout 2 months productive start phase.