Modern business needs strategy and plans development, budget planning, operations analysis and and streamlining at the every level of organization – from human resources management to marketing, manufacturing and distribution. Top management and heads of regional departments – there is a demand to overcome uncertainty, operations risks and optimal resources sharing among all level of enterprise management.

Planning and forecasting methodologies are used to provide information necessary for enterprise top management. One of the most advanced planning methodologies is budgeting – it provides an instrument for timely and coordinated operational and business management.

Budgeting is an information exchange process. Therefore budgets and budgets execution depend on information quality and planning system organizational structure.

Today many enterprises are exposed to difficulties in such areas as business planning, reporting and business performance monitoring because the processes like budgeting and financial reporting rely heavily on human factor and are based on uncoordinated data. Extremely important information on company’s operations and financials is frequently scattered in various applications and databases, it represents an unstructured data set stored in employees e-mail accounts and local tables.

Financial data is difficult to verify and their consistency is in doubt because of lack of oversight. Business planning is not effective or reliable process and chaotic in many cases. Financial reporting is hampered too because data are scattered among many departments, systems and even countries.

Therefore top management sometimes can not track when and where successful operations obstacle arises and gets to know about it when it is too late.

SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation help streamline financial planning and correlate it to the operational planning.

It appears from this that company has all resources needed to execute plans and target the goals.

This solution provides tools for detailed business analysis based on consistent business vision and understanding and enables to support financial departments business tasks and provides decision support at the company level.

The solution is based on the best in class end-user software and provides convenient and secure access to reliable financial information, it helps to understand profit generation mechanisms and provides detailed performance indicators analysis to assess the effect of the decisions made.
Hereby SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation can play leading role in a business processes automation and increasing planning, budgeting, forecasting and consolidated statement processes efficiency. Implementation of such advanced solution enables effective collaboration of all business processes participants in operational and financial planning targeting enterprise goals.